About Us

We create handmade indoor and outdoor lighting solutions that mix Italian artisanship, design and innovative materials to offer a unique experience in modern living.

We founded the company in 2008 with the mission to let people experience the power of light by designing unique lighting solutions that follow the highest quality, technological and production standards.

The result is a luxurious and functional product suitable for interior design projects like houses, hotels, offices, and also outdoor design projects and nautic.

Artisanship is the hidden secret to Younique Plus unique designs, believing that an object’s beauty is magnified once customers know the story behind its making, lamps are handmade and tailored to the owner’s specific needs.

Indoor and outdoor lamps that combine aesthetic with energy efficiency using best-in-class materials processed with the most advanced techniques.

The body of Younique Plus lights are made with AISI 316 L Stainless Steel, brass or high-tech materials HI-MACS® acrylic stone.

Luxury is enclosed in lighting design to create a unique atmosphere with Murano blown glass for diffusers or Swarovski crystal drops to spread LED lights.

Constant research is done on Made in Italy materials like natural silk and organic cotton fabrics for the shades and walnut and zebrano wood for the lamp bases.